Let's get acquainted - my name is Ksenia and I believe that social networks are a very useful channel of communication with the audience, where you can show not only your product/service, but also your values and humanize your image for the consumer.

At the moment, Instagram has all the tools to be the same full-fledged sales channel as a personal website on the Internet. If you agree with this and believe that communication with the consumer should not end with product illustrations from different angles, but also work with emotions - let's cooperate!

Visual concept for premium bed linen brand

From the brand brief: Bed linen is a part of home environment that usually associate with relaxation, self-attention, tactile sensitivity. Morpheus big idea - dream, aesthetics, hedonism. By this we want to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself through the things that we see every day.

Visual concept for organic basic clothing brand made from natural fabrics

From the brand brief: That's a story about comfort. We're sure - every woman deserves to feel beautiful in any situation. When she does household chores, runs to the store, even when she is angry, tired and everything is not according to plan. And, for sure, she deserves comfort and tenderness when she is lying at home with her beloved on Friday night with wine and TV series, or walking in the park with her best friends.

Test visual concept for ceramic online journal

From the brand brief: We love ceramics to the moon and back and wanna share this feeling with the world. Our journal isn't only about interesting authors, but also was created to develop a sense of beauty, taste, understanding of aesthetics, which can later every our subscriber could apply in the design of own interior.

Visual concept for a family lifestyle blog of a jewelry brand owner

From the brand brief: I try to be as sincere as possible. I would like to associate with good taste, courage, willpower, charisma. My audience is girls from all over the world, for whom I'm the personification of a self-made girl from a neighborhood and inspiration to make their life cooler and better.

Visual concept for an expert blog of a nutritionist

From the brand brief: I like system and really enjoy working to improve my own quality of life. A varied diet, yoga, fitness, adherence to the regime - all this has become a part of my life and for some it may seem boring, but personally I really like to live in this format and share lifehacks about it with the audience.

Visual concept for a premium quality suits brand

From the brand brief: Our brand is for young girls & women who value quality, style, elegance and comfort. We want women to value themselves, respect and wear only the best, without spending too much time choosing LOTD.

Test visual concept for vegetable & fruit shop

From the brand brief: Our main task is to take care of the health of our guests and supply the highest quality vegetables & fruits. Our shop is for those who appreciate individual approach, their time and quality. We try to work personally with each customer: we know our customers in faces and we know everything about our products!

Test visual concept for a brand of natural cosmetics.

From the brand brief:
At Nécessaire we design the body care items we need - the necessary - that support our skin and wellness. We're climate neutral certified, plastic neutral certified and a 1% for the planet member.

Visual concept for an expert blog of a private interior designer from NY

From the brand brief: I mainly work on expensive projects, I love modern design and beautiful architecture. I would like to show it visually and add a little touch of romance.

Visual concept for a women's clothing brand

From the brand brief: We create clothes for women who lead an active lifestyle and want to feel comfortable at the same time, they're not afraid to stand out. Most of our items could be used in different scenarios throughout the day. Also, we would like a woman, when buying our clothes, to feel part of the community and find motivation and inspiration in the brand.

What is visual identIty & WHY I NEED IT?
If we speak professional language, visual identity is part of branding and I provide services specifically for those businesses and bloggers, who want to promote their skills/products in Instagram as it's one of most popular platforms with its own specific details. Though, the main ideas that we create as concept basis you can also use for all design materials for your brand.

So, If you don't understand how to translate & show audience your brand mission and TOV, how show expertise in your account and retain your personality, how to shoot your products in favorable angles, how to visually highlight a specific product line in your Instagram feed, what to shoot in general and in what format/quantity, how to achieve your unique style, what color scheme choose and how it'll fit your theme - visual identity answers all these questions.

1. Briefing & Basic research - speaking about your project goals, target audience, market, content requirements
2. Visual concept - working on storylines in your account and their style, creating feed concept from references for the selected number of posts, text block designs
3. Approval and edits


1. Creating SOW for your shooting based on references in feed concept
2. Help in finding photographer/make-up artist/models (optional)
3. Assistance in look selection and locations search (optional)
4. Creating final presentation of the concept identity


1. Work with materials from your photographer - selection of final shots, retouching (optional), final feed design
2. Approval and edits
What materials I receive after the end of our cooperation?

1. General elements of the brand concept - color palette, style, shooting & editing specifications, storylines
2. Design - text blocks style, working with templates
3. Feed design - general recommendations, working with color and rhythms based on the idea of your concept


Analysis of each specific reference from the feed concept + recommendations for future shooting: general style, angles and plans, locations, clothes and props, lighting.
PLAN BASE - 400$
Visual concept, feed concept for next 12 posts, basic text block design, SOW for your shooting & assistance in preparing for the shoot, final photo selection and final feed design
Visual concept, feed concept for next 36 posts, basic text block design, SOW for your shooting & assistance in preparing for the shoot, final photo selection and final feed design
Visual concept for stories, highlights design, professional design of text blocks in template format + instructions on how to work with them. *You can order DESIGN PACK only with PLAN BASE or PLAN VISUAL.
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